Free Spring Desktop Screen Saver- Fredericton Photographer

We have been having a crazy unconventional winter here on the East Coast of Canada. Very little snow, more rain this winter then I can ever remember, record low snowfall and right now my backyard looks like spring. I was tempted to go out yesterday and begin the chore of raking my lawn. It just felt right. My garden it calling me. But the reality is we won’t see the “real” spring for awhile yet. My garden will have to wait and so I resort to buying my tulips from my local grocery store.

I love the soft pink color of the tulips, the color so calming and peaceful. I decided I had to take a moment and photograph them. Then I decided to make it a desktop I can look at daily. At least until the “real” spring is here. 🙂


download free sting desktop image

Spring Desktop image and quote free download

Right click the image above to download it as your desktop image.

If you want to add it as your Facebook header image then download the file below that is resized to fit your Facebook header image.  Right Click on image below.

fredericton photographer- free download Facebook header image

spring Facebook header image, free download


Feel free to download the file and enjoy it as well. I added the quote because quotes cheer me up.  (NOTE: if you use this on Facebook or any social media please credit me out of courtesy.  One way is to link to my facebook page or my website.


Check out my Pinterest page as I hope to add more of these in the future. Plus I have a ton of boards that may inspire you.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 4.48.43 PM

A few more links to desktop wallpapers you may love.  What can I say… I am addicted to changing my wallpaper out every month.

a beautiful image of flowers on House Mix.  (plus I love her home and decorating tips on a budget!  my style)

Check out this for some fun iPhone screensavers  on the blog Dress Decoded.  iPhone wallpapers are another favorite thing I love to change up!

INCREDIBLY CUTE FREE EASTER PAPER DOWNLOAD!! Baba Souk posted this on their blog.  wow!  Just my style.  I love this and I am definitely going to print this to use this easter.  My teenagers will still love it.  It’s not childish at all.


If you have any other links to wallpapers or desktop images you want to share I would love to see them!