Benefits of Spring Cleaning- Free Up Your Space and Mind


Benefits of Spring Cleaning


Do you Spring Clean? I have to admit that I’ve got out of the habit. But I’ve seen a lot of articles recently about how good it is to have a clear out. So I think this year I’m going to get back to it and have a really good, move all the furniture, clean out my closet, donate unwanted stuff Spring Clean.

Here’s an article that lists some of the benefits. I am definitely an advocate for point 4. It suggests putting on some music and dancing and singing your way through the chores! Music increases endorphin levels so you might just be happier to clean if you have your favourite jams playing.


And after you’ve tackled that, here’s a link to 4 things to Spring Clean, other than your house!

One thing it gives us is a hanger trick to help you decide what to get rid of – I’ve never heard of it! It suggests hanging all your regular day/work clothes on hangers, all facing one way. Then every time you wear something and hang it back in your closet, you flip the hanger the other way. Then, after a pre-determined amount of time, like a month or 2 months, any hangers that you haven’t flipped are things you don’t wear, and you donate those items! I’m definitely going to try this because I know I only wear a fraction of my closet.


Another page to check out is Clean Sensible where she has a monthly series called “Household Organizational Diet” to give you lists and tips on cleaning each part of your home.

This year I’m also going to try some alternative cleaning methods. I go through stages of using traditional methods to clean, just like my Grandma did. But inevitably I always end up buying commercial chemical products after a while. I am more aware of it now that we have a new family member. James, our Holland lop, is a house bunny. I don’t want chemicals on the floor for him to walk on. I remember hearing anecdotal stories of floor cleaning wipes causing dogs paws to develop sores. James has lovely hoppy feet and I want them to stay safe and healthy.



I went to Health Canada to find out a little more about indoor pollutants. I was alarmed to see cleaning products discussed alongside tobacco smoke and gases from combustion appliances! They also state that on average, Canadians spend 90% of their time indoors. So thinking about the quality of our air at home is very important.

Here’s a link to 27 natural ways to clean your home. It breaks them down by room which I really like.

There isn’t a good suggestion for my wood floors, so I think I’ll just stick to a damp cloth mop for now.

Pop on some tunes and have fun cleaning this spring!

Feel free to share your tips and tricks with us. And your cleaning selfies!