Take Your Camera on a Date- Fredericton Photographer

Your relationship with your camera is just like any other. It takes time to get to know it. You need to work out how it thinks and what it likes and dislikes. And if you work hard you’ll get better results than you did before. The advantage of the relationship with your camera over other relationships is, when you’re frustrated with it, you can shut it in a bag! One book I think both Shelley and I would recommend is Brian Peterson’s “Understanding Exposure”. It’s aRead More »

Why we need to photograph the Tween years- Fredericton Tween Photographer

Although no Spring chicken myself, I easily remember the preteen years!  It is a stretch but what helps me to remember is having a daughter who is now 13, someone who I have watched over the past three years in middle school and the uncertainties she faced during that time.  I also know that as a photographer’s daughter she rarely got photographed during her tween years.  As for my son I totally gave up trying to get him in front of my camera. So ya, as a mom of two teenagers I know thatRead More »

Tips on how to take better Selfies- Fredericton Portrait Photographer

Selfies are not a new thing. The first one is attributed to Robert Cornelius in 1849. It is also said to be the first photographic portrait. Since ‘Selfie’ was included in the dictionary in 2013, the craze has not died down. My girls are great at them, but I seem to be lacking in the art! I can never get the right angle and I feel like my arms aren’t long enough to get my big head in the frame! I tried a selfie stick but I was so bad at holding it I just kept laughing. WhichRead More »

A Mothers Love, changing, growing evolving- Fredericton Family Photographer

I love seeing friends and clients change, grow and evolve. Especially the clients who have been with me from their children’s first beginnings. Like this beautiful soul… Jenn. She is also a dear friend who I can always trust to do amazing things with my hair. 🙂 Anyone who knows her can attest to her inner beauty, patience and love for her girls. So I was excited when she had the idea of remaking this original image of the girls during their newborn shoot.Read More »

Free Spring Desktop Screen Saver- Fredericton Photographer

We have been having a crazy unconventional winter here on the East Coast of Canada. Very little snow, more rain this winter then I can ever remember, record low snowfall and right now my backyard looks like spring. I was tempted to go out yesterday and begin the chore of raking my lawn. It just felt right. My garden it calling me. But the reality is we won’t see the “real” spring for awhile yet. My garden will have to wait and so I resort to buying my tulips from my localRead More »

2017 Rankin Photography [Role] Model- fredericton grad photographer

I am excited to be putting together, for the first time ever, a team of Rankin Photography senior year grads that will be selected to represent my company.  My goal is to have bright young energetic 2017 senior year grads in the local area apply to be a team member.   A few things we are considering. We are looking for… A maximum of six to ten candidates from any local area school. (Fredericton and surrounding areas). 2017 Grads who are excited and willing to participate in atRead More »

A New Year a New You- Fredericton Photographer

I am excited for all that 2016 will bring.  I try not to do the “New Year’s resolution” rather I try to set intentions on working on things that I want to improve on and I try to do that by creating new and better habits.  I truly believe that if we work at forming new and better habits each day it will ultimately take us to the goals we set out for ourselves. The habit I am working on lately is getting out of bed earlier each day and getting my morning workout done.  I wantRead More »

behind the scenes grad session- Fredericton Grad Photographer

Check out a fun behind the scenes video of Jordan’s session.  We have a ton of fun with our jobs.Read More »

A hat and a purse- Fredericton Family photographer

Well miss L was such a sweet girl and surprised her parents with wanting to wear a hat during the shoot (which typically doesn’t remain on very long) and to be a Daddy’s girl throughout the shoot.  She was also sporting a pretty pink purse to carry her toys and such which turned out to be a bit of a challenge to get her to put down.  🙂  Then again I love that she was just being her little sweet self. Thanks Glenda and Dave and of course Miss L.  it was fun to hang out with you andRead More »