Professional photography is the art of capturing and immortalizing moments. Taking something from the scenery and making it eternal. Details, colors and jubilant lights, patterns, all brought to life into a harmonious visual flow. It is about capturing and displaying feelings, professionally.

When you decide to take Studio Photography seriously, you will soon understand that your studio will be your second home. You will need a dedicated workspace where you have full control over every single element of your environment and picture, from lighting to wind and shades, or where you create fake sets for special events.

No matter what your photography niche is, you need to be good, and you need your work to stand apart from others, and your studio will play a big role in your success. To make it work, you need is to have the skills, the business mindset, and talent, all in one person.

Starting your own photography studio can be quite an overwhelming experience, but it will compensate in the end. We dedicate this website to all:

  • who are looking for advice on improving and turning their photography business into something more reliable and profitable,
  • who have been thinking about opening a photography studio but did not really dare to take the first step, and
  • the curious photography lovers

This website is for you and your photography studio

In this website, you will find advice, tips and tricks, and side notes on multiple studio photography topics, such as:

Creating a home photography studio

Home studios offer great advantages in terms of the elements you can control. In this section, we explore several subtopics, like the use of props and your professional style. Find out more.

Creating a portable photography studio

Portable studios are an asset, a gift to our creativity, and boost the possibilities for improved photos. However, you may have to consider other aspects like packaging bags for when you want to go out for a photo session. Check this section if you want to know more.

The best gear for your small studio

Unarguably, the photography gear is the most expensive part, but think of it as an investment and consider online or second-hand shops that trade pre-owned gear. Come and discover more about the essentials.

Setting up your photography website

In the digital era, you need to showcase your work and, besides Instagram, a professional website can help you to expand your business by attracting both clients and possible business collaborators. Learn here how to make a professional website and how that will impact your business.

Advertising your photography business

You may have just started up writing the first lines of your business plan, or maybe you have an up-and-running studio. Regardless of the stage your business is at the moment, you should have a strong marketing strategy. Check out our advertising tips.