Gone are the days when photographers used to sit and wait for clients to come. These days photographers aggressively seek out clients because if they fail to do so their competition will take them out of business. Thus, many photographers are seeking ways of creating portable studios that will still be able to create high-quality images. Here are some tips to help you create a portable photography studio.

Use Portable Light Tents

Over the last couple of years, light tents have gained a lot of popularity among photographers with the advancements in e-commerce. Light tents come with various features and not all of them are portable. Here are some features to look out for when choosing a portable light tent.

(a) What is the size of the tent?

Your needs will determine what size of tent you need. One of the questions that you might need to ask is if the tent can accommodate all your equipment? Can it fit a sitting person, paintings and all the flashlights?

(b) Is it foldable and easy to set-up?

A foldable light box that is easy to set-up saves you time during assembly and also storage space.

(c) Does the tent come with its own lights?

Some portable tents come with inbuilt lights whereas some do not have inbuilt illumination. It is better to buy a tent that has inbuilt lights as they have been designed for that tent and it eliminates the need for you to carry your own lights.

(d) Transparency of the material used to make the wall and features of the backdrop

The best portable tents have walls made up of translucent material which diffuses light and eliminates shadows thus producing high-quality images. Choose a tent with a curved backdrop as it does not show edges on the photos.

(e) Have a portable power bank

The portable power source can be used to connect your lights. Since being mobile is important you can also use the power bank to charge your phone so that you can always have power to access the Internet and play some online casino games at any time.

(f) Use of Light-weight tripods

The stability of your camera will determine the quality of your pictures and that is why you need to choose a good portable light-weight tripod. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a tripod:

  • Is it longer than 24 inches when collapsed?
  • Is it light for you to carry around?
  • Can it handle the weight of your camera after mounting the heaviest lens?
  • Is it constructed from durable material?

Use of Lighting kits and backdrops

When choosing a lighting kit, opt for one that has at least three heads, detachable light stands, and soft boxes. When it comes to choosing a portable backdrop, choose one that has a stand, is collapsible and comes in various colors.