You do not need to have a lot of money to set up a photography studio. Even with a small budget, you can explore photography as long as you have the best gear for a small photography studio. Most photographers usually buy their gear from online shops or from second-hand shops that sell pre-owned equipment.

Some of the best gear for a small photography studio include:

Tripods and Magic Arms

One of the most important gears for a photography studio is a sturdy tripod where you can take your shots without having to keep moving the camera around. You can get a tabletop tripod that is small enough to fit into your studio. Other than the tripod, you should consider getting magic arms which are tools that are designed to ensure the camera remains in place. Magic arms work by allowing the arm to rotate on each end to allow the photographer to move the camera around.

Grey Card

A grey card is important in photography because it helps in ensuring that the images have a consistent exposure. When looking for a grey card, shopping around is important so that you end up with what you can easily work with. Having a grey card is a worthy investment as you will not have to worry about the color balance of the shots you are taking.


  • Background light stands: The definition of photography is playing with light to create images. Think of it as you are setting up your small studio. A studio in today’s world is incomplete without a background light stand. They are meant to allow photographers to have perfect lighting regardless of the size of their studio. When your background light is good, you can take different types of images and get creative with your shots.
  • Monolights: Still on lighting, photographers need mono-lights so that they can enhance the lighting in the studio. When investing in monolights, you should ensure that the cables that you buy are long enough to allow for easy movement.
  • Light meters: It is important to have a light meter to create some ambiance. The light meter comes in handy when you need to use flash. It accurately measures a flash for when photographers want to use flash to fill a backlist subject.
  • Focusing spotlight: The rule has always been that the best photos are taken under natural lighting. However, good photography sometimes means bending the rules and adjusting the lighting. The spotlight is great when focusing on a subject that needs to come to the foreground.

Gaffer Tape

If you had a choice of getting only one type of tape for your studio, you should consider buying a gaffer tape. This is because it sticks and does not leave anything behind. The tape can be used to cover metal finishes that may reflect when taking photos.